What exactly are submersible pumps, and why should you use one in your water tank?

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Submersible pumps, as the name implies, are designed to be completely immersed in water. It is a centrifugal water pump, which means it contains a motor that drives an impeller that rotates and pushes water outwards. The motor is enclosed in a watertight seal and is tightly linked to the body of the pump it powers.

Submersible pumps are installed within the reservoir of water that has to be pumped out. As a result, they are frequently used for flood drainage, sewage pumping, pond emptying, and even as pond filters. Filtration pumps, which are commonly seen in fish tanks, are a type of submersible pump. In the instance of a water tank, submersible pumps are installed inside the tank to pump water to where it is needed.

Submersible pumps have the benefit of being very quiet since the noise is absorbed by the water. They are also more efficient since they do not require as much energy to sucking in the water in which they are immersed. The seal corrodes with time, letting water into the motor, and the seal makes motor access and maintenance more difficult.

When Should You Use Submersible Tank Pumps?

Submersible tank pumps are installed in the tank’s bottom and are meant to push water upwards through the roof’s top. As a result, they are commonly employed in subterranean tanks where water must be pushed to the surface.

This is especially crucial if you are putting in an above-ground tank. Although submersible pumps can be placed in above-ground tanks, keep in mind that your rainwater will be piped in from the top. If you wish to directly get water from your tank, a tap may still be installed, or you can just connect your rainwater to neighbouring faucets.

The disadvantage of having submersible pumps inside your water tank is that they are difficult to reach if repair or replacement is required. They also take up a tiny amount of room inside your tank, resulting in a few litres less water, although this is trivial when compared to their invisibility and silence.

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