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A decent wedding picture is said to bear tremendous significance in the life of a bride and a bridegroom as they capture all the memories of an important day in their lives! A decent wedding portrait by the best wedding photographers will help to tell the lovely storey of the special wedding day of the bride and the bridegroom that they will remember forever! Wedding Photography may sound fancy, and many couples think it’s needless and costly, too. But the fact is, there are a variety of opportunities that can motivate you. Good wedding photos by the best wedding photographers can capture the special moments in the life of the bride and the bridegroom that they will reveal to their friends and relatives, children and grandchildren-something they will enjoy and will cherish forever! A decent wedding portrait helps catch the heart-warming and sentimental shots that the bride, the bridegroom, or family members may have missed in the long run. The roses will disappear, the wedding cake will be eaten easily, all the invitations will be packed during the day, and the perfect white wedding dress will be worn only once, the shoes will go back to their case. But all those precious and unforgettable memories for life captured in the wedding photo by top photographer Malaysia.

Try to get as close to the subject as possible!

In order to take amazing pictures, you can try to get as close to the subject as possible. If you find like your photos are not ‘popping’ enough, consider taking a move or two closer to your object in focus. Please try filling your frame with the object. You’ll find that your picture would look so much better without any additional negative space. The closest you get to the subject, the better you can see their facial expressions, too (you can thank us later!)

Try to maintain the balance as best as you can!
Try to catch the little stuff!

You may have learned the expression that means, “It’s the small stuff that makes a huge difference.” This refers not only to everyday life, but also to photography! Close-up photographs aim to capture thin, subtle and delicate features that can make up for genuinely convincing overall visual quality. It would help if you also had an eye out for textures and patterns such as peeling paint, a dirt road or a tile tabletop-anything that would help audiences to take a look at the picture as suggested by top photographer Malaysia.

Test the speed of the shutter!

Being mindful of the shutter speed means the difference between clicking a sharp shot and clicking a blurred picture. It all depends on the taste of the photographer. If you want to see the long arcs of a car’s tail lights passing through your image, adjust the shutter speed of your camera to a long exposure. It could be a second, ten seconds, or much longer! On the other hand, whether you want to film an athletic event or kids running around in the playground, you may want to concentrate on your main topics. You would need to use a shutter speed of more than 1/500th of a second, if not 1/1000th of a second, to catch rapid action.

Check out the lights!

Before you go clicking on the images, bear in mind to check the lighting! See where the light comes from, and use it to your full benefit. You can ask a few questions, such as, “How is the light engaging with the scene and the subject? Is it illuminating an environment or is it throwing any interesting shadows?

Note if there is natural light coming from the sun, particularly in the case of outdoor shooting, or an artificial source like a lamp, especially in the case of indoor shooting. These seem to play a really important role if you want to do a professional photo shoot! There are all things that you can use to make an average photo extraordinary!

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