Tips before take maternity portraits

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Here is tips before take maternity portraits:

  • The right time when shooting

Maternity shoot focus on pregnant woman’s abdomen, therefore it is best to shoot when the gestation age reaches the final semester of 7-8 months.

At the age of the pregnancy, Mama’s stomach is already big but not too heavy to carry a lot of movement. So it’s easier for Mama to follow the pose instructions from the stylist or the photographer, and it’s convenient to take a photo shoot that takes a long time.

For pregnant mothers, maternity shoot can be done at the age of gestation in the second half because the abdominal changes are noticeable

  • Photographer

Now there are so many young photographers who have good skills and talents in the world of photography, Mama can also find references through social media like Instagram.

Generally photographers showcase their work on Instagram or on their personal websites. Tips, you should choose a photographer who has a maternity shoot portfolio.

Usually photographers who are experts in making maternity shoots will find it easier to get the right angle or mood for pregnant women

  • The right makeup

Maybe you feel less confident with the form of a face that “swells”, Mom can cover it with makeup. Choose natural makeup or no makeup makeup look, to give a natural impression on Mama’s appearance.

Avoid makeup that is too thick, Ma, because when you are pregnant, your face will actually show a charming natural aura, so you don’t need to overdo it.

  • Selection of Pose

Ask for a stylist or photographer’s direction, to direct Mama with a pose that is not too difficult. Generally the most common pose is the hand like stroking the abdomen, with the body slightly sideways.

  • Wardrobe

The choice of wardrobe to be worn during the shooting process takes place, determined by the theme that Mama chooses and agrees.

If you choose an elegant chic theme, choose a wardrobe such as a dress or white T-shirt combined with maternity pants. Don’t forget to add accessories such as earrings and necklaces that give an elegant impression on Mama’s appearance.

Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight because it will make Mama’s space more narrow when following the directions from the photographer

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