These Benefits of Fans

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The fan feels too old fashioned do you think? But do you know the benefits of this other fan?

The fan is a device used to produce wind to cool the air, and provides a refreshing effect when the air feels hot. In addition, the fan can also act as an exhaust fan and dryer.

From conventional fans, there are many benefits that you can get. What are they? This is the answer.

1.Can improve air circulation

Installation of a good fan that is a fan placed on the wall, floor, table, or ceiling can help provide comfort in a room. It can help increase air circulation in the room by replacing dirty air with cleaner and fresher air from outside the room.

2. Produces healthy air

Although it only has the effect of cold air in the room, when compared to the use of air conditioners, the use of fans is considered more healthy. When using air conditioning, the room must be closed so that the air that is only covers the room, whereas with a fan the bus is applied to an open room, so that air can still be changed. This is what often causes the effects of transmission of various types of diseases such as flu for those who prefer to use the Air Conditioner in the room.

3. Can be more efficient

A fan mounted on the ceiling of the room only requires about 75 watts of power. It is different if a room uses AC, it will need more power, where the ratio reaches 1:10.

4. Avoiding the musty odor in the room

When entering a closed room that uses AC, it will feel very different from entering an open space that only uses a fan alone. The air in the air-conditioned room feels more stuffy. This happens because there is no air circulation from outside the room. While a room that uses a fan will feel fresher and more comfortable because the air in the room can be replaced with new air that is cleaner and fresher from outside the room.

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