Pros and Cons Indoor and Outdoor Wedding

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Each couple dreams of a beautiful wedding. This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of both indoor and outdoor weddings, and gives you good tips and advice to remember when choosing a place.

Indoor wedding 


  • Weather

You do not have to worry about the weather, and even your wedding ceremony will go well if you choose to get married indoors.

  • More Decoration

You want a wedding feast that looks luxurious? you can decorate with beautiful and elegant decoration as the indoor wedding provides spacious wall and ceiling spaces.

  • Air conditioning.

If you choose to get married indoors, you need to make sure the place provides air conditioning for you and your guests to stay comfortable during the event.


  • Limited size and capacity

One of the disadvantages of indoor weddings is that, depending on the place. Every place varies, but limited internal event space is inevitable. This may be lacking in place settings, desks and chairs, or maybe less pure square footage. Either way, consider the size of your guest list before you choose an interior space!

  • Your photographer may have a hard time moving freely.

Outdoor wedding


  • Larger space

If you choose to get married outdoors, It can accommodate a large number of guests. freedom and open air outside may be perfect for your special day

  • Natural lighting

Natural sunlight will give your photographer better lighting. it creates the work of a photographer and you will get a very beautiful wedding photo with a natural background.

  • Save time

The beauty of nature is generally very beautiful so you do not need the time or effort to decorate. for sure with the natural backdrop your outdoor wedding will look great.


  • Weather

One of the disadvantages of outdoor weddings, if rainy day on your wedding day, means whether the ceremony should end up short or many guests who can not attend your ceremony.

  • It is more difficult to use extensive decorations.

As discussed above, the outdoors do not lend themselves well to extensive decorations. If you are one who must have tons of gorgeous décor, then you should either find ways to be creative and work with what you have, or consider finding an indoor venue.

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