Precision Tool and Die — A Must-Have for Plastic Fasteners

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Tool and die manufacturers are well versed in the art of producing plastic fasteners, and if you aren’t, we’ll supply you with a complete list of the sorts you may buy in a hardware store or have custom manufactured. Plastic fasteners can be used for a number of purposes, and it is essential that you supply the one that best meets the demands of your product.

One thing to keep in mind is that, while there are many different varieties, you may not be able to locate one that is mass manufactured that suits your current demands.

Plastic Fasteners Made Using a Tool and Die


Using a plastic rivet is nearly totally out of the question for many people. With good reason, most people think of metal rivets when they think of rivets. They appear to be stronger, and when you consider the differences between metal and plastic, you will undoubtedly conclude that metal is stronger. Plastic rivets made using tool and die processes may be just as robust as metal, and they can be produced as a single piece, as opposed to metal versions that must be welded together.


Masonry professionals are well-versed in plugs; they are most commonly employed in instances when a screw must be used in the construction of a wall to give connection to the material beneath. There are several reasons for this, but these are among the most widely used fasteners in the business. You’ll probably notice at least one of these if you look at any brick wall.


A bush is a type of bearing that is used to decrease wear between two structures. These can take many various shapes, and we would be delighted to create them for you.


Clips are the industry’s second most popular plastic fastener, and they serve a variety of functions. For the most part, they are heavily used to keep things organised, such as wires. They keep the cables from being tangled, as well as other items in place.

Ties for Cables

Zip ties are commonly used to connect wires and cables into more orderly and manageable bundles. These are frequently employed in the tangling of network cables and large-scale electrical systems.

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