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Don’t ignore if your maid is depressed

Employers and families need to be aware and willing to accept the presence of a maids agency Malaysia in the family. An employer’s analogy is like a boss in the office who will receive new employees who report themselves. Of course, you will be preparing.

Nowadays, many parents need to work more time to find money so there is so busy until they have no time for their children as well as time to manage their homes.  So they decide to hire a Maid to make life easier.

However, sometimes we have to remember that maids are also human beings like us. They also make mistakes, complicated emotions, depressed, sick and more. 

Philippines maid malaysia sure does not want to tell you directly if they in stressed-out situation. As an employer you need to alert when you see changes of attitude to your maid. You need to take immediate action before distressed out of control.

A distressed maid is not good for you, your family, and for her. In severe cases, he can also release frustration on a young, helpless or older brother.

Sign in stressed out situation:

  • Your child is treated badly
  • Lazy to do work
  • Always complains about her health
  • showing bad attitude

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