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Dealing With Special Requests By Your Maid

Nearly every Filipino maid agency in Malaysia is concerned about the proper treatments of their helpers. And since these maid services malaysia have included the proper care for their maids as a priority, there has been a good development in the employer-maid relationship. However, there is yet the need to inform some employers further about dealing with special requests coming from the maids. Most maids have certain requests that can neither be provided by the Malaysian maid agency nor by any other person they know but you. However, it takes some time before they can express their minds as a result of some circumstances. For instance, you might have been too exhausted from work before arrival and once you reach, all you do is eat and sleep; she couldn’t have placed a request in such a tight circumstance.

Some helpers are not too busy, but the ambiance of the relationship between them and the maid is usually tense, this makes the maid so chicken-hearted that she cannot place her requests in this state of mind. Therefore, if a maid could summon the courage to request what she needs, it is advisable to try and provide if it is within your power because before she placed the request, a lot of thoughts and ponderings must have been done.

What are the likely special requests that your maids can seek?

First among the few special requests that a maid can be bold enough to ask for is a break. If your maid asks for a break in an unusual time, simply talk to her in a calm tone to let out the reason she wants the break. If she has a tangible reason, sometime a member of the family could be off weather, you can allow her for the day and find a way to fill her space. If your child is too little to be let alone and if it’s a working day, take him or her to a child care center. But if you have a child that can take care of the younger one, they can be at home until you arrive. You may also have two adolescents which should be able to handle the house chores before the maid comes back. This will make them appreciate the works of the maid, and many maid services in Malaysia do appreciate such royal treatment of their worker.

However, you may find it difficult to grant her the leave due to some cogent, critical reasons that are equally obvious, with clear explanations, she will see the reason for not granting her and hope that you do so some other day. Even though most maid services Malaysia do not encourage that a maid should start requesting tips from the employer, moments of tough financial challenges are inevitable in almost every human’s life, how much more for a maid? Thus, when she needs financial assistance, try as much as possible to help. Sometimes, what she needs is not really financial assistance but misinterpreted as such, sometimes what she needs is just your advice on the things to do and those she is not supposed to do, what she can take and those she isn’t allowed to. She’s your family member as long as you’ve hired her, so treat her as one, listen when she speaks, and her special requests will seem as nothing special.

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