How to Format a Copier Hard Drive Easily and Quickly

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How to Maintain the Hard Drive to Be Durable

When the hard drive of the copier is damaged, you can lose saved data. If it is already damaged then inevitably you have to buy a new hard drive which is quite expensive. So you should always keep your copier hard drive in good condition by trying some of the methods below.

  • Make sure your home electricity is always in a stable state. If you are afraid that the voltage at home is unstable, you should use a stabilizer. Electricity that is unstable and often suddenly turns off can make the hard drive on the copier become damaged quickly.
  • Always turn on and turn off the copier according to the procedure. When you want to turn off the copier, you should first turn it off from the panel and then wait for about 5 seconds. After that, just turn off the machine from the main switch on the right side of the copier.
  • Use the mailbox sparingly and don’t overdo it. If you continue to use the mailbox excessively it can make the hard disk work too hard and easily damaged.

How to Format a Copier Hard Drive

Hard drives are indeed the most important part of the copier. When the hard drive is damaged, you will not only lose data but the machine will also not function properly. When the hard drive has a problem, it will appear on the copier screen. Even though you have tried to reset the copier, usually the way to deal with a copier error caused by a damaged hard drive will still not be lost easily.

However, you don’t need to worry because there are easy and temporary ways you can do to format a hard drive. Because it is temporary, usually this method can only make the hard drive usable again for 3 to 4 days.

Here’s how to format a copier hard drive that you can try.

  1. If the copier is still running, turn off the machine immediately.
  2. The next step, try pressing the numbers 1 and 9. Press the two numbers while restarting the copier.
  3. After the photocopy machine turns on, the format process will take place.
  4. This process is quite time consuming, so you should be patient enough to wait for it.
  5. After that the screen will display Download Mode, just wait for this process to complete.
  6. When finished, try restarting the copier. When it turns on, the photocopy machine can function again.

Even though the copier can return to operation after the hard drive is formatted, this does not guarantee that the hard drive will remain in good condition. If later the hard drive is still damaged, then you have to replace the hard drive so that the copier can be used again.

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