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Benefits of Google AdWords

Google is the largest search engine at this time and of course there are many benefits that can be obtained from advertising products such as Google AdWords. The advantage in using AdWords is that the products / services that we want to advertise will automatically appear on the first page of Google. In addition, there are many more benefits that can be obtained, as follows:

  1. Traffic will be faster and targeted

AdWords uses PPC (Pay per Click) calculations to calculate your advertising costs and your advertising funds will be automatically converted to visitors according to the price of the click. For example, you advertise with funds of 50 thousand rupiah per day and click rates of one thousand rupiah per click. Then you will get about 50 clicks per visitor which is calculated from 50 thousand divided by one thousand.

2. Get visitors according to what your business targets

AdWords will display our ads according to targeted keywords. For example, if you have a car rental business and you are targeting the keyword ‘cheap car rental in Jakarta’, then visitors who enter your site through AdWords are those who search according to the keywords that you aim at. So your ad will not appear on keywords that do not match what you have targeted, so visitors can definitely be targeted according to your business.

3. Website reputation increases according to SEO

SEO optimization is usually done by targeting certain keywords, so if you do that then don’t need to worry that your SEO will be damaged when placing ads through AdWords. It is precisely advertising on AdWords will benefit you because the search for keywords that are sought for SEO optimization will be inputted by Google.

4. Sales turnover increases

On the official website of Google, they gave a statement about the increase in turnover. The point is that AdWords cannot guarantee the turnover of a product will certainly increase, although AdWords has managed to increase sales turnover by around 10 to 50 percent and even up to 90 percent, but Google still cannot guarantee a certain turnover because it is influenced by many factors. For example, such as keyword targets, daily funds, business fields, etc.

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