Difference Between Cutting Sticker and Sticker Printing

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When you hear about cutting machine stickers you are definitely familiar with this one. In addition to being a medium for displaying a label, community and more, stickers can be embedded into objects to make them easy for people to read and to make them popular.

And now, do you know that in the process of making the sticker there are two ways, namely cutting stickers and printing stickers. So what’s the difference between these two types of stickers? Below we show you how to add insights for you.

Understanding Cutting Stickers & Printing Stickers

  • Cutting stickers: Stickers made by cutting. Or it can be interpreted by the technique of cutting stickers with the design you want using cutting machine stickers and computers as design media.
  • Printing Sticker: Sticker printing is a sticker whose work is like a paper print on a regular paper.

Difference Cutting Sticker & Printing Sticker

1. Design

  • Cutting stickers: For cutting sticker design it is necessary to form a vector or a line only and it is only possible to cut it hence called a cutting machine.
  • Printing stickers: It can be said that almost any design format can be entered or processed with this sticker printing machine, the larger the file size the better the printing results. Printing Stickers are also commonly referred to as plotter machines or outdoor machines.

2. Price

  • Cutting stickers: The price for this sticker is a bit expensive because in the process of cutting some people use manual methods in some work. The manual work that needs to be done in the cutting process is the removal of non-essential stickers, this process requires greater cost and transparency.
  • Printing stickers: The price for this sticker is cheaper compared to the cutting stickers. Because looking at the simpler sticker printing process just has to wait until the printing process is complete and complete.

3. Color

  • Cutting stickers: limited to solid colors (non-gradations) but can be solved by puzzle techniques, such as using the Corel®Trace program, but images must be trimmed first.
  • Printing stickers: For printing stickers there is no problem in color processing, all colors, color gradations can be printed with printing. So if you want to have it in different colors according to your taste and desire then we recommend sticker printing.

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