Cnc Machining Malaysia


Computer Numerical Control is a system where information is supplied either by tape or otherwise only once. The machine control system will store the data in memory and the machining process can be repeated by just calling the program in the machine memory.

Pros and Cons of CNC:


  • The required time is short
  • Reduction of workers / operators
  • Reduce wastage
  • The accuracy of the task
  • Save time machine usage
  • Cost of inspection can be reduced


  • The starting cost is higher
  • Requires trained workers for maintenance purposes
  • Good environmental space

Method of use

  • Manual method

The way is by using the hand to enter the data / program. With the program control panel, the control system incorporates directly on the machine. In this case, it is possible that the program can be modified directly to the control panel.

  • Transmission data method

With this method the program is not written by hand method. It is inserted using either punch tape or disk.

  • Transfer method (DNC)

Direct numerical control (DNC) is a method of inserting a program that is ready to be created on CAD / CAM by direct cables to the machine. This method is easy and widely used in the industry.

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