Air Curtain Function

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Air curtain (air curtain) there is also a call by the name of the air door (air barrier door). The function of this tool, among others, is to insulate the outside and inner air, as a curtain for cold air and hot air. This air insulation comes from the air rotation generated by the air curtain device which is then blown to the floor which seems to form a curtain or an invisible door that is only air. The resulting air rotation is in the form of strong wind (turbulence) which cannot be penetrated by the air in each space, both inside and outside.

The function of the air curtain is, the first as an insulator between the outside air and the inner air as well as a barrier between cold air and hot air, second as a barrier so that outdoor air pollution does not enter the space, third as a deterrent for insects from entering the room , fourth as an antidote to dust and dirt from outside so as not to enter the inner space and fifth is as a room divider that replaces the massive door as a barrier for cold air to come out and besides that, the indoor air conditioning has a constant cold temperature due to the presence of an air curtain like the “air-conditioned” room remains in a condition as in a closed room. After the room uses the air curtain, we can open the door even though our room is air conditioned, we will not be afraid of cold air coming out of the room, dirt, smoke and insects cannot enter. Okay, now you know what an air curtain / air door is and know its function. What about the price and wattage? 

The size of the air curtain to be installed is to follow the width of the door opening, for example a door with a 120 cm opening, so we just need to use an air curtain with a size of 90 cm. This is the length of the air curtain, 90 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm, 180 cm and 200 cm (2 meters). The longer the size of the air curtain, the more expensive the price, okay, we will provide tips to work around this in the way we have done in the butiq function building (owned by person) with a door opening width of 2 meters, when using an air curtain with a size of 180 cm, the price is relatively expensive then we watch it by using the air curtain size 90 cm we install 2 units … hehehehe.

Maybe you want to know how many watts are needed for the operation of the air curtain, if you want to use it for a business or for a home. The wattage required is from 170 watts to 700 watts, preferably if you want to use the air curtain, choose energy-efficient products.

The air curtain is very suitable for shopping centers, butiqs, room dividers for workshops and offices as well as spaces that require high intensity for circulation back and forth so that no doors are needed to open and close or slide the door, enough with the air curtain to be able to act as a barrier to the air conditioning in the air. in.

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