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Air Compressor An air that is compressed or compressed and stored under pressure greater than atmospheric pressure, usually air stored in a tank or commonly called a water tank or water receiver tank. Air compressors come in many types, such as Piston Air Compressor, Rotary Screw Air Compressor and Scroll Air Compressor.


Air Compressor Pistons or commonly referred to as Reciprocating air compressors, Pistons (Torches) operated by motor or by Engine, Pistons move down and are equipped with a Smoke valve and Remove valves, most Pistons consist of 2 V-shaped cylinders or 3 W-shaped cylinders. or usually a small Air Compressor consisting of 1 Cylinder, this type of Air Compressor is the most widely used, since it is the cheapest air compressor compared to other types of air compressor and it is also very easy to treat.

In addition to the low price of piston type compressors there are also many options, ranging from 0.75HP to 25HP, and Pressure, this type of compressor can reach Pressure up to 30BAR even more, depending on each vendor. Air compressor The piston type has some disadvantages, such as its very noisy sound, it is not durable when used continuously (24 Hour Non Stop), the air temperature is too high and the oil content is also higher compared to other types of Air Compressor,


Rotary Screw Air Compressor works with two male and female rotor (helical Screws), just like the Piston Air Compressor, a type of Screw Air Compressor Also uses Motor Or Engine to operate the two rotor, Rotor has a very specific design, rotating opposite direction with very little distance between the two rotor. This type of Air Compressor is widely used in the Industrial area due to its large Air Delivery.

It can also be used continuously for 24 hours non stop to maximize production to maximize a company’s profitability. This Air Compressor is amazing, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be lacking, as it comprises a much more expensive price compared to the Piston Compressor, and has a lot more treatment than the Piston type Air Compressor.


Scroll Air Compressor has two spiral elements and only one moving part, One moves in an eccentric circle and the other is stationary, the type of Scroll Air Compressor is commonly used for cooling Compressors, which is to pump Freon, Scroll Air Compressor has a very low sound. , Simple design and Low maintenance are almost nonexistent, but the Air Compressor Scroll Type has low Air Delivery.

The resulting air is hotter than other Air Compressors, and in the event of damage to its components it is very difficult to repair.

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