7 services that offered by photographer

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As a talented photographer, you may have to do more than just take photos. Below are 7 different services that you can sell as a saleable good or service to your customer base.

1-The sessions

If you are a photographer who spends most of the time in a portrait studio, you can bill for your session. There is a lot of a fee for leisure. This covers all the hours you spent setting up the studio and planning it for your customer. This covers the time you spend getting the subject set for a photo shoot. This excludes the time you spent shooting the photos.

2-The Editing

Any clients and images need to be edited. And if you haven’t taken the images in the first place, you can always bill for editing. In reality, editing images is a really big company. In order to be a better photo editor, you need to invest in a decent software program that helps you to digitally edit your images. You will charge for each picture, or for the types of edits that you can do on a regular basis.

3 – Coloring

Coloring, applying colors or deleting colors are services that you can charge for. You must have a picture editing app on your machine for digital editing.

4 – Printing

If you have a printer or the opportunity to print images, you can bill for this facility separately. You may also create a book or folder of images chosen by the customer.

5 – Matting and framing

Do you have experience in framing and matting? Pay your extra! That’s right, besides charging for the original frame and matte, you can charge an extra charge to make sure the picture is properly framed and matted.

6 – Promotional expertise

If you spend a lot of time in mainstream ads, and if you’re decent at having great product images, you’ll begin to gain an experience in product advertising and in the feelings that are invoked by visual symbols of goods and services.

Consider selling your experience and advice to your customer base as a business. They’ll happily pay for your experience. They would rather spend the money on the front and get a saleable unit or device instead of creating a lot of advertising and losing time, without meeting the targeted audience.

7-The Concierge Program

Are you going to fire at the location? If you do, add a concierge package and bill for it. This is an optional add-on that some people would be more than willing to pay for, only to know that they have the right person to work on their most special day.

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