5 Care Tips To Improve The Performance Of Your Laptop

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Laptops can make work easier because, portable, easy to carry everywhere, it does not matter whether the user is an employee, or a student. A good laptop is quite powerful depending on your usage. Because of that, laptops can be said to be quite expensive compared to desktops due to this factor.

And since laptops these days are expensive, so as laptop users, we need to take good care of laptops so that our laptops can last longer. Because your laptop can be used as a valuable investment and the result of your work can pay many times the price of the laptop.

  1. Shutdown is better.

Do not leave your laptop in a state of sleep or hibernate for a long time. If less than an hour, and you will not move or move the laptop no problem. But if you are going to switch, or you are going to travel, it is better to shutdown before putting it in the bag.

  1. Close your laptop

Do not leave your laptop exposed to dust. Dust accumulated on the keyboard can damage components on your laptop. And you can also prevent water from spilling on the keyboard.

  1. Service your laptop.

Internal service of your laptop, by removing all dust and replacing the thermal paste can increase the lifespan of your laptop and you do not have to worry about the laptop will be damaged or have to replace the laptop in the near future.

  1. Store in a suitable bag.

Laptops are one of the products that are easily damaged by shock, so with a laptop bag that has a cushion inside can reduce damage to the laptop.

  1. Use a strong password

Do not use passwords such as “123456” or “abcde”, as this will make your data easily accessible and stolen. If any of your family members or friends use the same laptop, create an account for each user, and your data is also more secure.

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