4 Reasons to Start Using a Photography Studio Rental

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Totally Regulated Environment

The greatest advantage of shooting in a rented studio, as opposed to outside shooting, is the power you have over any part of the production. Outdoors, you have to think about the temperature, the wind, the rain, and some other environmental element you may like. Even the sun may be erratic. It can shift from rough to soft with cloud movements, and you can also run out of available daylight on longer packs.

You are shielded from all these environmental factors when filming in a studio and have complete power. You should maintain continuity in the entire project, no matter how long it takes. Your light will stay the same from 6 a.m. The entire way to midnight, if that’s what it takes.

You still have complete influence of your backgrounds, and you don’t have to fly any distance from place to location. You just tear down and build up each set right there on the spot. You can incorporate any elements you like in the process. Usually you don’t have the privilege on the spot. You shoot what’s already out there, except in a studio, you can create your own environment from scratch.

Access to props and equipment

Typically, as photographers think about bringing diversity to their portfolio, they automatically think about outdoor environments. Different locations give you a different look, right? Sure, but filming in a studio doesn’t have to mean just being forced to film seamless paper or other uninspired looks.

Many studios have a wide range of props for you to use. You’ve got all types of furniture, such as stools, chairs, and even antique pieces. There may be lamps, curtains, and desks for you to use. Some studios also have costumes, masks and clothes. All these options add up to an infinite range of possibilities that can produce all manner of pictures and styles.

Part of the attraction of using a studio is to learn how key elements can be easily used to bring detail, colour and composition to the photographs in a way that reflects the mood and concept you are seeking. You can fake an outdoor shot absolutely by staging it in a creative way and taking it in the studio. You don’t have to fly huge distances to remote destinations just to have a view and sound like you’re in your portfolio. With a little creativity and some elbow grease, you can bring together a basic package that translates all the same qualities of an exotic venue, but all the while in the studio.

In addition, most studios are fitted with professional facilities and equipment. In normal conditions, all this technology might be out of most photographers’ budgets, but studios usually rent equipment for a minimal fee, which gives you the extra artistic flexibility to try out and experiment with all types of hardware you might not otherwise have access to. There is also the bonus of not having to lug it around from place to location.

Comforts of Creature

You know what’s not really that great? The mosquitoes. Ok, you know what’s awesome though? A private laundry room!

I don’t want to be facetious, but renting a studio for your production comes with some pretty fantastic creature comfort. Usually, there’s a kitchen where you can make coffee and reheat some food. Studios are typically situated next to restaurants where food and drink are readily accessible. Most of the locations are climate controlled to allow you to dial at the precise temperature you want.

Outdoors, you can have to contend with hot humid temperatures, or on the other hand, bitter cold winds. There will be no convenient seating or meals in the vicinity. You might have to walk in the woods for quite a bit, where you might be walking in a puddle, and now you’ve got muddy shoes for the whole day.

The bottom line is that renting a studio gives you a convenient place where your mind can remain focused on doing quality work without any outside disruptions. All the crew members will stay relaxed all day.

Experienced Help

If you haven’t had any studio experience before, it might seem like an overwhelming setting. However, most studio owners are very professional photographers and willing to assist. They’re there to answer questions and give you some advice if you need it.

Renting a studio space can be almost as much a learning opportunity as a space to develop. The owners of studios have a lot of expertise. They’ve heard everything. Photographers of all genres and skill ranges carry with them bits and pieces of information that the studio owner consumes and gains over time through discovery and discussion. They pick up on a range of lighting strategies, tips and tricks, and even professional business advice. Going to the studio will be your chance to speak to the owner or the staff and pick up their brains for some of this stuff.

Some owners and staff are also on hand to assist with the use of facilities. It can be a perfect way to have a fast crash course on how to use different lights and modifiers correctly and efficiently. Shooting in a studio can be a perfect way to hop around ideas with other imaginative people and get motivated by projects.

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