3 Ways to Make Your Children Appreciate A Home Assistant

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The existence of a Household Assistant or what we call a domestic servant (PRT) is indeed very beneficial and lightens the burden on us and our children. But accidentally and we know, dependence on helpers will have a negative impact on the mental and discipline of our children. As a result, children become independent because they always rely on helpers.

Here are tips for children to become independent and not rely on helpers.

  1. Always close to children’

Try to spend more time with children than domestic workers with children. Comparing a blank tape, children aged 3-5 years tend to have easy to remember habits.

At this age it is recommended that parents get closer to children by teaching them how to clean toys, put dirty clothes, and take their own drinks. Thus the child will become an independent person and also ease the burden and not interfere with the work of domestic workers themselves, so that the work of domestic workers becomes faster and more efficient.

2. Get used to talking polite

Teach your child to speak politely, as if you want to ask for help from the maid used to the child say the words “please”, “sorry”, and do not forget to say “thank you”. Because by being taught good manners are already from the scope of the house, inside the scope of friends and with other people, our children can behave well.

3. No need to be rude and angry

But if the maid makes a mistake to the child, we can try to mediate our child. Do not let our children yell, let alone hit domestic workers. Instill understanding should not behave rudely to anyone, including helpers. Give understanding that the maid also still has a lot of work. That way the child becomes a mental person who is independent, and then will appreciate not only the maid but also the surrounding environment. Our helpers will feel at home and enjoy working in our homes

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